In the Researchers’ Grand Prix, researchers compete to present their research in the most understandable, captivating, and inspiring way in just 4 minutes. Researchers’ Grand Prix Digital is the online heat of the Researchers’ Grand Prix that is open to contestants from all over Sweden.

Gina Griffioen, Karolinska Institutet, competed in Researchers’ Grand Prix in 2022. She applied for Researchers’ Grand Prix Digital. Photo: Erik Cronberg

What is Researchers’ Grand Prix Digital?

Researchers’ Grand Prix Digital is the Researchers’ Grand Prix (Forskar Grand Prix) online heat, in connection with the science festival ForskarFredag (European Researchers’ Night in Sweden). Competitors are given coaching in presentation techniques and the opportunity to qualify for the national final of the Researchers’ Grand Prix.

The competition is open to anyone working with research in the public or private sector in Sweden (see rules).

How do you win?

Researchers are challenged to present their research in the most captivating, inspiring and educational way possible – in just four minutes!

A winner will be elected. The audience and expert judges jointly decide on the winners.

What do you win?

The winner gain a place in the national final of the Researchers’ Grand Prix, which will take place in Stockholm. All competitors in the Researchers’ Grand Prix Digital will receive coaching in presentation techniques from an experienced presentation coach. Here, you will gain knowledge and experience that will be of benefit to you long after the competition is over! Previous contestants have particularly appreciated this stage of the process. You also win 20 000 SEK for educational purposes.

The jury evaluates the submitted presentations against three key criteria:

  • Research – To what degree do you succeed in describing the scientific process (question, method, results, etc.)? Please note that this step is not evaluating the quality of your research.
  • Insight & comprehension – To what degree do you manage to create drama in your presentation? Your use of language (easy/difficult words, vivid descriptions, etc.)?
  • Performance – To what degree do you succeed in engaging the public through your body language, movement, voice, etc?

Jury 2024

  • Peter Backeman, researcher at Mälardalens universitet and finalist i Forskar Grand Prix 2022, evaluates the description of the scientidfic process
  • Maria Guntherscience editor, Dagens Nyheter, evalutes the comprehension
  • Karin Wegsjö director, evaluates the performance

How to apply to participate in the Researchers’ Grand Prix Digital online heat:

You can apply between 1 June – 1 August.

Apply in one of the following ways:

Option A:

Record a video presenting yourself. We want to know:

• Who are you?
• What are you researching?
• Why do you want to compete in the Researchers’ Grand Prix?

Maximum 2 minutes.

Option B:

Record a draft version of the four minute presentation you would like to compete with. It does not have to be perfect! You will get help to improve your presentation if your application to participate in the contest is successful.

Maximum 4 minutes.

The quality of the video does not matter! We just need to be able to see and hear you. Presentations can be held in Swedish or English.

Submit your video no later than 1 August. You will be notified in a week if your application to participate in the online heat has been successful. Submit your video here!

ForskarFredag, the science festival that organises the Researchers’ Grand Prix, seeks to showcase the diversity of Swedish research and researchers. To reflect this, competitors will be selected based on their performance, personal profile and research field to ensure a wide range of researchers are represented in the competition.

If you get accepted to participate in the online heat:

Congratulations! First step complete… Now is the time to start working on your complete four minute presentation. To help you improve your presentation, you will be given an online session with a presentation coach. The coaching will take place for one hour between in August (scheduled in agreement with the coach).

To record your presentation using professional equipment, we will arrange a booking at a studio close to your home. The recording will take place for one hour between in August or September.

Show time! 23-27/09 your presentation along with those of the other contestants will be available to watch online at This is when viewers get to vote for your contribution. Time to get those votes!

The viewers’ votes and those of the jury will be combined into an average score. The contestant with the highest scores will be announced. For the winners, a place in the final (26 November in Stockholm) awaits!

The Researchers’ Grand Prix has been organised annually since 2012. The contest is supported by the research councils Formas, Forte, Vetenskapsrådet and Vinnova, and organised by Vetenskap & Allmänhet.


Julia Brink, Project Manager at Vetenskap & Allmänhet