In the national final of Researchers’ Grand Prix, researchers compete to make the most understandable, captivating and inspiring presentation of their research – in just four minutes.

The Researchers’ Grand Prix (Forskar Grand Prix) is a competition in which researchers in Sweden compete to find out who is best at presenting their research in just four minutes. Participants qualify for a place in the final via regional heats and two online heats. At the final in Stockholm, the finalists compete to determine who receives the honour of taking home the title.  The audience together with an expert jury decide on the winner. The winner receives 15,000 SEK to be used for a study trip or other type of professional development activity.


Finalists will have qualified from a number of regional heats as well as an online heat Forskar Grand Prix Digital.

Regional heats

Finalists will have qualified from the following regional heats:

Meet the 2023 finalists.

Fritte Fritzson Photo: ErikbyErik

Time & place of final

Thursday 23 Nobember 2023 at 13.00 – 15.00 at the Vasa Theater, Stockholm and online.


Fritte Fritzson, comedian, Radio host and moderator.


  • Karin Adelsköld, comedian and moderator.
    • Evaluates performance: To what degree the contestant succeeds in engaging the public through their body language, movement, voice, etc.
  • Lena Nordlund, Science journalist at National Swedish Radio, host of a weekly science show
    • Evaluates understanding; how well contestants manage to create drama in their presentations and their use of language.
  • Johan Edman, Professor Criminology, Stockholm University.
    • Evaluates the research aspect; how well contestants succeed in describing the scientific process.
Members of the Jury; Karin Adelsköld, Johan Edman and Lena Nordlund.
Photo: Eric Cronberg, Adrian Pehrson and Mattias Ahlm, National Swedish Radio.

For more information and reservations for the finals, please get in touch or register here (in Swedish).

For taking part online, please register here (in Swedish) to get a reminder and link to the broadcast the day before.

The Researchers’ Grand Prix has been organised jointly by the Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science), in collaboration with the Swedish research councils FormasForteVinnova and the Swedish Research Council since 2012.