Tejaswi Badam

Personalized Medicine – tailoring disease treatments using networks

Bad reactions to drugs account for 3% of deaths in Sweden. Besides genetic factors, there are other factors like sex, age, diet, lifestyle, and environment that impact a patient’s response to a drug. Thus, there is a need of developing a personalized medicine approach to improve the safety and efficacy of drugs.

Recent developments in genomic medicine suggest taking into account genomic knowledge about the individual patient. This knowledge can be represented as network of interconnected genes that tend to form tightly connected “gene communities”. These structures are referred to as modules and are often dysfunctional in various diseases.

”My research is about identifying such modules of interconnection and communication within the genome of the patients and make a prediction of developing drug reactions before the implementation of the drug therapy itself. A virtual model for tailoring drugs and their response on a personalized level is the ultimate research aim.” says Tejaswi.


PhD Student, School of Bioscience, University of Skövde

[email protected]

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