Sunil Kumar Ramamoorthy, a researcher in renewable plastics at the University of Borås, has won the Swedish 2015 Researchers’ Grand Prix and the title of Sweden’s best science communicator. Sunil’s presentation about plastics manufactured from corn, soybeans and flaxseed captivated both the audience and the jury at the final in Stockholm.


“It cannot get any better than this, it feels absolutely amazing. I just wanted to create a little drama on the stage and give everyone an insight into what I do and it feels great to have succeeded in doing that,” said Sunil Kumar Ramamoorthy upon winning the prize.

In the Researchers’ Grand Prix participants have four minutes in which to entertain, inform and inspire both a public audience and expert jury with a presentation about their research. Eight researchers from across Sweden had qualified for the final, which was held in Stockholm on 26 November.

Sunil beat the other finalists with his presentation on sustainable materials for a greener future and received much applause from the audience as well as a large trophy as a prize for his performance.

The audience cast their votes using handheld voting devices, with their votes carrying greater weight than those of the expert jury. The jury consisted of actress and comedian Anna Blomberg, Patrick Hadenius, journalist and editor of a number of Swedish scientific magazines, including Research & Progress, and Agnes Wold, a doctor and Professor of Clinical Bacteriology at the University of Gothenburg.

The Researchers’ Grand Prix is organised by the Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science) together with the research councils Formas, Forte, the Swedish Research Council and VINNOVA.

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