Peter Törlind

Measuring human response for design

How can we measure and understand human responses, feelings and actions to design better products?

In the DEPICT LAB in Luleå, it is possible to evaluate how users interact and appreciate a product or a service. Tools like eye-tracking measure where users look and how long they focus on specific design elements, helping to assess attention and visual engagement. Facial expression software can measure emotional reactions while interacting with a design and help us detect frustration, delight, confusion, or other emotional states.

It is also possible to measure brain activity to identify aspects of a design that trigger emotional responses, attention, or cognitive load. Additional data such as heart rate, skin conductance, and pupil dilation can provide further insights into emotional arousal and engagement. All these insights can help us as designers to create better products that are user-friendly and appreciated by the users.


DEPICT LAB, Product Innovation, Luleå University of Technology

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