Juan Ocampo

Financial systems and complementary currencies

In my presentation, I want to envision how having a bottom-up approach to financial systems might transform the way we understand Financial Inclusion. I work for a future in which vulnerable communities and its members are empowered.

I believe that by enabling communities to build their own financial infrastructure we will be on our way to having a more sustained and inclusive economic future. At the Agenda 2030 Graduate School in Lund University, I study how vulnerable communities construct their own financial freedom.

Today technology empowers us to act locally, autonomously, and in decentralized ways and my research objective is, in a global context, to explore how technologies will help to scale the impact of alternative financial systems. I am an Engineer with a passion for reflexive modeling, where numbers meet humanistic stories.


[email protected]

Doctoral student at the Department of Business and Administration, Lund University

More about my research

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