Elena Pagnin

Security and Privacy in the Digital Era

We live in a society that increasingly relies on digital technologies. Today we use the internet and digital communication channels to do anything from contacting a friend, to checking the weather forecast; from performing transactions to reading and discussing the news.

Data is created with every digital action we make, and this data is extremely valuable to gather information about individuals, identify new trends and even profile one’s personality. While digital data can be handled in benign ways, we are repeatedly exposed to cases where things go wrong. How can we prevent such misbehaviours?

My research objective at LTH is to make sure anyone can enjoy the empowerment today digital communication technologies give us, free from privacy and security concerns. All we need are solutions that realize the functionality we want ’without leaking any additional information’. The motto is ’privacy by design’ and it is often achieved combining elements from security, programming, cryptography and mathematics. 


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Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Faculty of Engineering (LTH) Lund University

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