Jan Frostevarg

Hand held laser welding and cleaning – an enabler for a more sustainable industry

I do research and science on modern advanced manufacturing, where I employ powerful laser beams as a tool. In manufacturing development and focus is often on improving logistics, planning and improving economy, not on saving resources. Mainly the same manufacturing methods are used since 50+ years back. My ambition is to help industry adopt new resource saving and also productive modern manufacturing tools, to enable new possibilities, increase inclusion and sustainability. Of all things I am working on, hand held laser welding is a developed new technique ready to be implemented. However currently knowledge is poor, there is no education or training available. I work on helping companies getting started, forming national and international communities related to this and conducting studies on performance and results. Finally reducing the resources used in manual welding by a fourth.


Jan Frostevarg, Luleå tekniska universitet

[email protected]

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