Inga Koszalka

Predicting multi-hazard threats to water resources on Gotland

Desalination from the Baltic Sea is a promising method for water supply on Gotland which suffers from recurring heat waves, upwelling currents and harmful algae blooms. These hazardous events appear often concurrently during summer when the island hosts tourists leading to increased water stress. Customized forecast for the desalination plants as well as other costal services dependent on water quality are still missing.

Inga and colleagues from Stockholm University, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute and stakeholders from Region Gotland are striving to develop a novel forecast framework. It will build upon numerical modelling of ocean currents and parameters that governs the spreading and growth of algae in the sea. The goal is to develop mathematical models and risk models for combined meteorological, oceanographic and algae threats to the water resources.


Inga Koszalka, Stockholms universitet

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Inga Koszalka is associate professor in Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University.

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