Aitor Iriondo Pascual

Aitor Iriondo Pascual. Photo: University of Skövde.

Improving workers life with technology

The research group to which Aitor Pascual belong is the user center product design, where they study the needs of a product taking into account the diversity of people when designing products. One of the areas of study, in which Aitor’s research is included, is the digital modeling of humans, in which they strive to develop digital humans that behave like real humans. The research group also use anthropometry to represent diversities, from different bodies to different ages. All this is applied in the IPS IMMA software, which they continually develop together with the Fraunhofer-Chalmer Centre. This software is used by companies like Scania when evaluating the ergonomics of their workers, in this way the methodologies created by us have an impact on the industry. Aitor’s research is within this context, where he develop methodologies to implement in IPS IMMA.

“In my case, I develop optimization methodologies and their objective is to improve both the ergonomics of the workers and the productivity of the industry. To do this, I automate several factors, such as the design of work stations or the tasks of the workers and I verify both that the worker suffers less and that the station is productive. In this way I can get more productive factories and reduce the number of injuries related to physical work.” Aitor says.


PhD Student, School of Engineering Science, University of Skövde

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