Stylianos Papaioannou

Success in the age of emergencies

Firms try to grow as much as possible, expand to more markets and gain more customers for their products and services. In order to do this, firms enter foreign markets and approach customers of different culture, different language, different habits, different characteristics , so customers that most of the times are not resembling their local customers. This process, the internationalization of firms, is a difficult achievement for firms. But why some of them are more successful than others? Why some firms enter more markets and become more successful internationally than others?

Currently, global economy is experiencing a series of disturbances, which result in turbulence and rapid market swifts. Customers and businesses enter from one emergency to another creating an age of emergencies, where turbulence is the new standard. Therefore, now firms are in great need for a toolbox to help them avoid failures and thrive with success. My presentation will highlight what distinguishes successful international firms to failures, and how the series of swift changes pose both risks and opportunities for the future.

At the University of Mälardalen I specialize in Small and Medium Sized (SMEs) exporting companies looking at SME’s internationalization from an International Entrepreneurship perspective.


Stylianos Papaioannou

Universitetslektor vid akademin för ekonomi, samhälle och teknik (EST).

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