Become a better science communicator by competing in the Researchers’ Grand Prix!

How good are you at explaining your research? In the Researchers’ Grand Prix, researchers compete to see who can present their research in the most engaging, educational and understandable way – in just 4 minutes! Applications are now open for Researchers’ Grand Prix Digital, an online heat that is open to researchers throughout Sweden. Submit your application, gain an experience of a lifetime and the chance to win 15,000 SEK.

Oliver Konzock, a finalist from the Chalmers University of Technology, in the 2019 final. In the background, the jury member Amina Manzoor. Photo: VA/Erik Cronberg

Out of the submitted entries, up to ten researchers will be selected to compete in the Researchers’ Grand Prix Digital. The competition itself will take place between 20–24 September 2021, in connection with the Swedish science festival ForskarFredag, part of European Researchers’ Night. Beforehand, all competitors will receive coaching in presentation techniques and support to film their presentations professionally.

Two of the competitors will gain places in the national final of the Researchers’ Grand Prix 2020/21 to be held on 25 November. The winner of the national final, in addition to the honour, will take home 15,000 SEK to be used for a study trip or other professional development activity.

Summarising your research in a simple and understandable way in 4 minutes isn’t easy, but brings great rewards. Participating in the Researchers’ Grand Prix will give you experiences and skills that will be of benefit to you long after the competition is over.

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